Scoop Hire Melbourne


Companies such as Scoop Hire have risen to the occasion and have been able to adapt to the current situation within the scope of the construction industry which has been deeply impacted by the COVID 19 pandemic. Their modified business structure by taking on the position of business partners to construction companies by positioning themselves as partners instead of being just mere suppliers has proven to be effective as it presents a win-win situation for both parties. This strategic business approach revolves around helping construction companies maintain a healthy working capital structure which is a critical success factor for those involved in the construction business.

As an example, even simple straightforward landscaping jobs or renovation projects would at some point require the use of machinery such as a mini excavator, mini dumper, and the sort to ensure the project is executed swiftly and satisfactorily. However, purchasing a mini excavator to handle even a dozen landscaping projects would not justify the cost of buying an excavator for solely managing these jobs. Hence, renting them on an as and when needed basis would in general be much more feasible in terms of maintaining their working capital structure and cash flow.

Among the equipment that are offered by companies such as Scoop Hire include a range excavator such as the Kubota 0.8 T Excavator that is given out on hire for as low as $230 (daily rate) and a weekly rate of just $200/ day. Apart from that they also have the Kubota 1.7 T excavator, the Kubota 2.5 T mini-excavator, and even the Kubota 3.5 T excavator at very competitive rates and even provide delivery services straight to project sites removing a significant component of logistics from the overall project flow process.

Other equipments that companies such as Scoop Hire provide include Cormidi mini dumpers, auger attachment drill bits, Jackhammer hydraulic suits, ground mats, and even hydraulic sleeper grab attachments. For further information on the range of products that companies such as Scoop Hire has to offer please visit the Scoop Hire Melbourne website or alternatively call them direct on (03) 9052 4473